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Dr. Lott is honored by the North Georgia Dental Society at the "Bridging the Gap" Luncheon

Dr. Kimberly Beal, Dr. Kaneta Lott, and Dr. Tarem Hendricks,President  of North Georgia Dental Society

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Shaping the smiles of children as a consultant to:

  American Dental
  Georgia Board of

seminars for dentistryDr. Kaneta Lott inducted as a Fellow of the International College of Dentists at its 78th Annual Convocation

Dr. Kaneta Lott has helped to shape the smiles of hundreds of children. A renowned national speaker and motivator, Dr. Lott is one of the most respected pediatric dentists in the United States. She is known to educate, inspire, and lead. She teaches compassionate treatment and practical procedures while helping her audience to understand the concept of dentistry with a "Lott" of love.


Triage Traumatic Dental Injuries : Critical Steps
From the front office to the clinical staff, how does your office coordinate dental emergencies?

You have some terrific ideas and some great word solutions for patients and parents.
  ~ Savannah Pediatric Dentist  


Tongue Piercing: A Parent's Primer
The impact that this trend may have on their child’s teeth, gums, speech, and the health risks that are associated with piercing should be considered
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An attractive smile is a must for every patient, including the child patient.
Anterior and posterior esthetic options include extraction and replacement, composite resin restorations, composite strip crowns, composite faced stainless steel crowns and the newest option ¬zirconia crowns for both anterior and posterior primary teeth. This article will focus on the use of anterior NuSmile ZR (zirconia) crowns and anterior NuSmile Signature crowns. Both the NuSmile ZR (zirconia) crowns and the Signature crowns meet the qualifications for esthetic full coverage when indicated for the child patient.

Kansas Dental Association Annual Meeting

Dr. Lott enhances her skills at NSA Media Lab Conference
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Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

TX Meeting SS crown lecture

Xcel Seminar San Jose Grand success

Full Session at The Texas Meeting
Kaneta R. Lott, D.D.S.
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Dr. Kaneta Lott is a board certified, pediatric dentist. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Emory University. Dr. Lott is a Fellow in the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists. She has served as Assistant Clinical Professor at the Georgia Health Sciences University, Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Her private practice of pediatric and orthodontic dentistry opened in 1984 and continues to provide excellent pediatric care for children in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Lott speaks on Dental Traumatology and Pediatric Dental Health.
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