This course explores the skills needed to provide traumatic dental care to adults as well as the immature permanent teeth that require specialized treatment from the triage dentist and the endodontist. Because traumatic injuries have been researched extensively for more than 50 years, the pathway to a good prognosis oftentimes lies in the general dentist’s hands. These dentists are called upon by the patients initially. The primary care dentists need to act quickly and skillfully because triage treatment determines the prognosis. For that reason, the attendees will receive a pre-packaged supply list of items needed in an emergency kit. The kit will ensure that the dentists are prepared to treat unexpected traumatic injuries. This course is very valuable to staff members as well as dentists.

The following points will be covered:

  • Discussion of the intricate details of the healing process
  • Development of a step-by-step evaluation approach
  • Providing information to include on a logical evaluation form that reviews:
    • Extra and intra-oral soft tissues, facial and dental bones, periodontia, and tooth structures
    • Listing of the necessary radiographs
    • Listing of the necessary clinical tests and procedures
    • Provide timetable for follow-up treatment
  • Discussion of appropriate treatments relating to:
    • Lateral Displacements
    • Intrusive Injuries
    • Extrusive Injuries
    • Avulsions
  • Review of new and innovative ways to save tooth structures and conserve bone loss
  • Utilization of pre-packaged supply list provided


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